Use traditional script to preserve Maithili heritage: Pandit Ajay Shastri

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  • July 29, 2019
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Jamshedpur: “The preservation and development of any civilization, traditional values and heritage is based on its language, script and language. The civilization and rich traditional culture of Mithila is ancient and its language has been rich since time immemorial. The traditional language and writings of famous sages like Janak and Yagvalkya are renowned for their Maithili script. But through a certain period, attempts were made to destroy this sweet and effective language and script,” noted the founder Mithilakshar Saksharta Abhiyan Pandit Ajay Nath Jha Shastri at a press meeting organized today at Lakshminath Gosain Kuti in Bistupur.

Speaking to the media, Shastri informed that in order to revive the traditional language and script among all Maithils the Maithil Punarjagran Patrika was launched in 2013. The effort continued and on October 9, 2014 with the launch of Mithilakshar Saksharta Abhiyan, the revival process of Maithil script started taking positive steps.

“In 2015, the Mithilakshar Saksharta campaign got a major shot in the arm as a 90 day course in the language through social medias like WhatsApp and FaceBook through the use of which thousands of people regained the language and script of their roots,” said Ajay Nath Jha Shastri.

Senior patron of the Maithili language movement Dharmendra Kumar Jha gave an indepth account of the various steps taken towards re-linking the people with Mithila’s rich tradition and culture through its script and language. Senior patron and media in-charge Pravin Kumar Jha informed the achievements gathered through organizing the honour conferences thus far and thanked the state government for recognizing Maithil language as the second state language.

Those present at the press conference included senior Maithili language movement leader Krishna Kant Jha, Dr Har Krishna Jha, Banshidhar Jha, Ugra Nath Jha, Sudhir Kumar Jha and other activists.