Style And Home Trends To Watch In 2020, According To Etsy

These are the trends that Etsy predicts will be big in

It’s a new decade, and like the decades that gave us flappers, bouffants and power dressing, this one is sure to start some trends that we’ll be talking about for years to come. (Just think: The Juicy Couture tracksuit from the early 2000s seems like vintage fashion now!)

In December, Etsy released its trend predictions for 2020, which were based on increases in search terms. The site, which is known for its handcrafted and custom goods, is calling 2020 “the year of purpose,” as sustainable and ethical purchases are becoming increasingly top of mind for shoppers.

“Shoppers are putting more thought into what they buy than ever before, considering both the environmental and social impact of each purchase that they make,” Etsy trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson told HuffPost Finds in an email.

Even Etsy’s color of the year  ― chartreuse ― seems like a nod to mindfulness. The site calls it “a bold color known for increasing energy, encouraging unconventional thinking, and evoking feelings of growth and harmony.”

Johnson walked us through some of top style and home trends that you’ll probably see throughout the year.

Here are our favorite trends that Etsy is predicting for 2020: 

1. Chartreuse Everything 

Etsy said it has seen an increase in searches for green and neon green products.

Chartreuse will especially makes it way into home decor in 2020, according to Johnson. She recommends accent chairs and rugs in the color for a “statement-making” look. You can also try out pillows and throw blankets in the bright tone, and combine them with neutral colors.

It’s a feel-good pillow that’ll have you dreaming some seriously sweet dreams. Find this pillow at Urban Outfitters.

You’ll feel like the sun, even when it’s cold outside, with such a can’t-miss color. Find this sweater at Banana Republic.

Your ears will be showstoppers in these statement earrings. Find these earrings at BaubleBar. 

2. Bold Color-Blocking 

Color-blocking is one of the home trends that Johnson said she is most excited for.

“While color-blocking has come and gone as a decor trend, 2020’s version focuses on pairing unconventional colors ― like chartreuse and navy ― to add instant personality to any room,” Johnson said.

Spruce up a bare wall with an art print that looks like a sunset. Get this art print at Society6.

It’s easy to find comfort with this trend. Find the set at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Even your floors can get a little makeover this year. Find this rug at Target. 

3. A Totally Tubular ’80s Comeback 

It’s time to go back to the future … well, kind of. This year will see the return of the ’80s, according to Etsy.

“While the decade was filled with questionable perms and makeup, it also brought us big and bold styles ― like neons, puff sleeves and chain belts ― that are starting to trend once again,” Johnson said.

Etsy saw an increase in searches for puff sleeves, shoulder pads and chain belts in the last three months of 2019.

The puffier the sleeves, the better. Find this dress at & Other Stories.

This blazer brings power dressing to the modern era. Find this blazer at Nordstrom.

A chain belt can add some ’80s flair to a look. Find this belt at Urban Outfitters.

4. Coordinated Couples’ Jackets

You’re probably thinking about what to get your friends who got engaged over the holidays. So is Etsy — and it’s predicting that coordinated couples’ jackets (think hand-painted denim and embroidered leather) will be a trend this year.

Etsy said in its trend report that searches for jackets for couples increased in the last three months of 2019 as compared to the same time in 2018.

Patch things up (in a good way) with these heart-shaped patches that say sweet nothings like “I Do Crew” and “Bride Tribe.” Get the patch at Etsy.

Cheers, cheers to that. Find the set of patches at Etsy.

And they lived happily ever after. Find the patch at Etsy.

5.  Bonus: A ‘Roaring Twenties’ Revival  

Etsy didn’t have 1920s style as a trend for 2020, but our editors wondered if flapper fashion would be showing up in this year’s fashion forecast.

Johnson said the site has seen a 6% increase in searches for Art Deco products in the last three months, compared to the same time last year. She also said some fashion elements from the era are starting to reemerge, including fringe dresses and pearl jewelry.

You’ll be able to jazz it up in this sparkly number. Find the dress at Unique Vintage. It also comes in plus sizes.

You’ll want to dance all night with these swinging earrings. Find these earrings at Anthropologie.

You can look back to the past with this Art Deco-inspired mirror. Find this mirror at Urban Outfitters.