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Olympics: Shonan the birthplace of Japan’s modern surf culture

July 23, 2019

ENOSHIMA, Japan (Reuters) – Surfing makes its Olympic debut next year at Chiba’s Ichinomiya beach but for many Japanese it is the Shonan coast, 50 kilometers south of Tokyo, that is regarded as the birthplace of the country’s modern surf culture. It is here that the modern style of surfing was first brought to Japan […]

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Sheila Dikshit was the architect of modern Delhi: PC Chacko

July 21, 2019

Congress’s Delhi in-charge PC Chacko said on Saturday he was shocked to hear about the death of three-time Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and called her architect of modern Delhi. “Congress party is grateful to her for her contributions to the party. She is the architect of modern Delhi. People of Delhi will ever remember her […]

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The Best Modern Fantasy Books for Summer 2019

July 19, 2019

Odysseus at the table with the bewitching Circe. (PHOTO BY CULTURE CLUB/GETTY IMAGES) There’s no shortage of excellent fantasy releasing these days. It’s quite literally impossible to keep up with it all. That’s a good problem to have as far as these things go, but sifting through mountains of books can be a daunting task. […]

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Father of modern computing becomes the new face of UK’s 50-pound note: Facts on Alan Turing

July 16, 2019

British mathematician and World War II codebreaker, Alan Turing, will feature on UK’s 50-pound note. (Image: Bank of England) British mathematician and World War II codebreaker, Alan Turing, who was chemically castrated for being gay after being convicted under Victorian-era homophobic laws, will feature on UK’s new PS50 note, according to Bank of England Governor Mark Carney. […]

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Thinking about recyclables turning into new products, influences recycling

July 15, 2019

According to Winterich, the definition of a recyclable is an object with future use, and yet many of us still view recyclable material as trash. (Photo: ANI) Washington: When consumers are reminded of the products that their recyclables can be turned into, they are more likely to recycle. For instance, if people are aware of the […]

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‘Modern Family’ star Ariel Winter says she’s ‘not really a fame person’

July 14, 2019

Though the beloved sitcom “Modern Family” has arguably propelled Ariel Winter to stardom, the actress — who has long played the character Alex Dunphy on the show — admitted this week that she doesn’t consider herself to be a “fame person.” “I’m not really a fame person. That wasn’t why — that’s not why I do what […]

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With companies AI-washing products, how can buyers find true AI-powered solutions?

July 13, 2019

Larry Lunetta: So the AI washing is absolutely true—and you can reach back to the late ’90s, it was web washing, right, as the internet became popular and then roll forward, it’s cloud washing. There’s a set of waves that the marketers ride, and AI is certainly one now. The interesting thing is as you […]

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Asus expects 10% revenue from networking products in India

July 12, 2019

Asus also unveiled three new products on lifetsyle, gaming and smart home. (Asus) Taiwanese electronics major Asus on Wednesday said the company would expand its gaming portfolio with launching components like gaming monitors, routers and similar products in India. According to the company, the networking product line-up has the potential to contribute close to 10% to its […]

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Delhi HC stops ecommerce firms from selling direct sellers’ products without consent

July 10, 2019

The Delhi High Court has restrained ecommerce majors like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal from selling health and beauty products of direct sellers like Amway, Modicare, and Oriflame without their consent. The interim direction by Justice Pratibha M Singh came on the pleas of the three direct sellers alleging that products under their brands were being sold on ecommerce platforms […]

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Cryonics: Medicine, Or The Modern Mummy?

July 9, 2019

It’s hard to begrudge anyone who wants to live longer.  Death is an unknown—the ultimate frontier—and therefore scary for many people. Medicine is aimed at improving and extending healthy lives, so what could be the problem with cryonics, which wants the exact same thing? Cryonics is the effort to freeze terminal patients, or only their severed […]

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