5 floral wallpaper hacks to maximise your living space

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While people love to try new designs for their home decor, one thing that never goes out of fashion is the wallpaper. Designs are evolving over time and the best evolution in the design of wallpapers is oversized floral wallpaper. Tipsy Aanand, MD and chief designer, Tipsy Anand Designs and Ruchita Bansal, creative director and founder, Izhaar list some ideas:

* Oversized floral wallpapers can transform your space completely. There are options ranging from modern to rustic, Scandinavian design as well as Indian traditional designs.

* The backgrounds are predominantly dark, and patterns tend to be oversized and lean towards the exotic. A high contrast floral wallpaper looks stunning if you just stick it on one wall.

* Balance floral prints with some neutral colours to enhance your space. Plain and textured wallpapers bring a cosy effect to the room while floral pattern wallpapers make a statement.

* Oversized floral wallpaper comes in different designs and colours. You can simply buy wallpaper matching your furniture to give a new look to your drawing room or bedroom.

* Floral wallpaper brings a natural effect in the room. It can totally change the feel of your interior decor. You can also try oversized floral wallpaper in small rooms with minimum furniture or in your kitchen as well.